Dr. Carsten Magnus

Drawing After having studied mathematics, chemistry, and German literature in Münster, Germany, I transferred to theoretical biology for his PhD. Already then I started working on antibody binding against HIV in Roland Regoes’ group. Multiple aspects of antibodies binding against HIV have been the focus of my research ever since. My PhD was followed by research in Angela McLean’s mathematical biology group. In Alexandra Trkola’s group, I had the pleasure to work in direct collaboration with experimental virologists. Since September 2015 I have been continuing my research as a senior scientist (Oberassistent) in Tanja Stadler’s group. As of March 2019, I joint the Trkola lab again, to continue exciting research on HIV and Influenza. When I am not researching, I am most likely found playing music in one of several orchestras including ALSO, AKO, and i baroccoli.


Valerio Tettamanti studied the visual ecology of Naso brevirostris, a fish species belonging to the genus unicornfish in Justin Marshall’s Sensory Neurobiology Group the at Queensland Brain Institute, Queensland, Australia with Fabio Cortesi and Fanny de Busserolles. Carsten was his official supervisor at ETH.

Nikita Janakarajan continued the studies on the timing of antibody induced mutation evolution in a lab rotation project.

Gregor Bachmann studied the potential of Multidimensional Scaling as a visualisation method for HIV/antibody co-evolution.

Ziliya Usmanova studied how one can estimate the timing of antibody induced mutation evolution in her Master thesis. She finished her studies in February 2018 and obtained a Msc in Biology.

Francesco Bosia joined Carsten’s group already twice. First for a short research project and then for his master thesis. Francesco simulated HIV within-host evolution to test which factors influence how well transmission trees can be reconstructed based on randomly sampled sequences. Francesco finished his thesis in August 2017 and joined Markus Reiher’s group for a PhD in theoretical chemistry to implement software for interactive quantum chemistry.

Leonie Hodel, Helena Crowell, and Julia Mehl studied various aspects of antibody binding to HIV in smaller research projects.